Lease your land with
Solar Provider Group

Solar farm developments represent a great opportunity for landowners, farmers and rural businesses to diversify their income and secure a competitive, long-term revenue stream. What’s more, there’s no cost to you. Our team manages the entire development process from preparing the planning application right through to project design, installation and interconnection – all costs are fully covered by us. Read on to learn more about our track record and whether leasing your land for solar is right for you.

Feature Project
Vine Farm Solar, 47 MW

Solar Provider Group led the development of Vine Farm Solar, one of the largest solar farms in the United Kingdom. Located in south Cambridgeshire, the project has a peak capacity approaching 50 MW and generates approximately 45,000 MWh of electricity annually. That’s the equivalent of powering more than 10,000 homes and reducing the emissions footprint of the United Kingdom’s electricity grid by over 21,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

When Solar is Done Right,
Everyone Benefits

We consider our approach to developing solar projects and engaging communities as progressive. Our projects have incorporated a number of unique features in consultation and collaboration with local stakeholders, including nature parks with permissive access as well as revenue sharing agreements with local communities. We’ve shown that when solar is done right, everyone benefits.

Is your land suitable for a
solar farm?

Do you own 25 acres or more? Why not work with us to lease your land and enjoy predictable income all year round.

Site features

We are interested in leasing land area over 25 acres which is not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ideal sites are relatively flat or gently sloping south, well screened by existing hedgerow with no rights of way across the land. Sites with sensitive archeology, flooding or shallow bedrock are not suitable. Sites should not be immediately adjacent to a densely populated area or a historical monument to avoid visual impacts. Sites adjacent or in close proximity to a substation or with overhead 11kV or 33kV power lines are ideal.

Lease agreement

We are interested in working with landowners that can enter into a long term lease agreement, usually lasting 25 years. Rental payments are typically made quarterly in advance once a full lease agreement has been signed and installation of a solar farm begins.

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