Earn Long-Term Income From Your Land

Solar Provider Group leases your land to host solar facilities.

Together, we can generate more clean, reliable energy for our electric grids and contribute to a better future.


And it all starts with you...

We are looking for landowners who want to make more money from their land

Become Our Partner

Valued Relationships

At Solar Provider Group, we value all our projects and our partners.
We focus on building close relationships backed by trust, communication and transparency.

Predictable income

No overhead costs

Zero maintenance

Little work required

Does your property qualify?

We are looking for at least 7 acres of cleared land

The land needs to be in close proximity to substations or a three-phase power line

The land needs to be free from wetlands and outside of floodplain zones

Partners need to be comfortable with a steady income stream with a 20 year commitment

What to expect from us

Minimal Impact

We take measures to protect wildlife and sometimes we even take action to enhance it. We ensure no harmful byproducts and zero carbon emissions

Simple Construction

The construction period can be as quick as a few months. Screening can be implemented to hide the system from views

Full Decommissioning

At the end of the term the system will be completely decommissioned and all parts of the solar facility removed. Your land will be returned back to its original state

Local Energy

Deliver clean, reliable, locally generated electricity to help your community become energy independent

Help us create a better tomorrow.

If you are an interested landowner, please fill out the form below. A specialized representative will be in touch with you to determine if your property may qualify

Landowner FAQs