Take Control of Your Energy Future

Solar Provider Group enables organizations to radically improve their energy profile. With our solar solutions, organizations can stabilize and lower their energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Many clients experience project IRRs from 14-20% over a 25 year period.

Why Solar Now?

You Can Trust

Solar Provider Group has completed hundreds of solar projects globally, across the United States, Canada, the UK and Germany.  We do solar right; quickly, efficiently and customized for the area we are in. That’s just one reason why Fortune 500 companies, leading REITs and cities choose us for their solar projects and trust us to protect their rooftops.

What Matters

Solar is a long term commitment that requires the right partner. Whether it’s maintaining the performance of your system, ensuring the integrity of your rooftop, or maintaining the flexibility of your building asset with occupants or tenants in mind. We take time to understand your organization’s needs and provide a customized solution that works for you.

No Disruptions
One Point of Contact, Start to Finish.

Solar Provider Group is an integrated, turn-key solar provider. We’ve managed hundreds of projects from start to finish. We fully understand the critical nature of your business and ensure that your business will not be interrupted.
The process is simple and we’ll be there to guide you.

Flexible Financing Options

We offer flexible, customized financing options that fit your organization’s needs. Whether you prefer a Power Purchase Agreement or wish to own your solar system outright, we have a solution that works for you.


Enjoy stable and lower energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint through the security of a Power Purchase Agreement.

Cash or Loan Purchase

A cash or loan purchase is an option that can achieve a high return on investment by taking advantage of the immediate tax benefits through the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is currently set at 30% of the system cost, and other state incentives.

Rooftop Lease

The easiest, worry free approach to solar where a Feed-in-Tariff program is available. Enjoy the benefits of solar at zero capital cost. Lease your unused roof space and receive a consistent and reliable revenue stream in return.

Lease Agreement

An off-balance sheet option to reduce long-term energy costs without making a significant up-front cash outlay and providing a path to full system ownership after 7-10 years.

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